My Middle Sweetie

I wanted to post this before the snow started and I felt like it was too late. I can’t lie, I’m not always diligent at photographing my own children. I get busy and then its never the right weather or the girls aren’t feeling up to it. The list goes on. Each time I photograph my girls I am so relieved and grateful I captured the moment. They seem to fly by, these moments, and it becomes harder and harder to recall specific times in their lives. The images help jog my memory and my heart is happier when that happens. My darling Sidney is as sweet as they come and a little emerging social butterfly. She is sensitive and loyal and fiercely protective of her friends whom she adores. She has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen and a peaceful soul with a genuine desire to make others smile. For ten years she was my baby and probably will always be in a way. Being a tween is hard and the challenge to discover who you are and where you belong is real. I respect this little girl for fighting the fight to be true to herself and doing it with grace and kindness. Of course I can’t tell her I put her on my blog because she would be mortified. Maybe one day when she’s older and reads these words she’ll have a tiny glimpse into my heat and smile because sharing this with the cyber world is just one way I get to say how proud I am of you.

All My Love,



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