Melody + Joe

A Fall Wedding at the Inn On The Lake

Sometimes things just click.  Fate and a touch of luck bring two souls together and like a puzzle piece, fit so perfectly together. For the many ways you two are different, there are so many you are similar and its a joy to watch. Joe – you are undeniably electric and demand attention with your humor and wit, your kindness and the down-to-earth qualities you possess and Melody your complete sincerity, quiet confidence, strength and beauty leave me in awe.  When we met over coffee for the first time so many months ago I was so anxious to get to know you both – your story and love for each other is magnetic. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity!

The Inn On The Lake was the perfect location for the unforgettable ceremony and reception you both (but lets be honest mostly Melody 😉 ) meticulously planned for your family and friends. Your vows made everyone laugh and cry and I can’t explain it any other way than it was the perfect amount of everything. Your whole day. The perfect amount of style, heart, detail, love, awesomeness, humor, romance, sentiment, laughter, fun, joy and the list goes on. Melody you were stunning! You did a fantastic job of creating an unforgettable experience for everyone – including myself and all those working behind the scenes. When I saw my name on that sweet timeline you made for me, it touched my heart. In all of the details you were taking care of, you took the time to do that for me, to make my day easier. Who does that?? I’m a little teary as I write this because it was so darn sweet!! 

Not only did I not stop laughing the entire day (and I mean hard like my face hurt) but my heart was so touched by your story and love for each other. You two have a pretty rad journey ahead and those lucky enough to be in your lives will love every second of it!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing a piece of your story and lives with me. Your day was beautiful!!

XO – Tressa

THANK YOU to the AMAZING team that helped make Melody & Joe’s day beyond awesome!

VENUE, COORDINATOR, CATERING | Elyse &  Inn on the Lake

CEREMONY MUSIC | Felice Quartet


FLORIST | Rachel of In Bloom

CAKE | Cake Baby LLC

DRESS DESIGNER | Gracie by Theia

DRESS STORE | Lovely Bridal



MAKEUP & HAIR | Jill at Allora Salon & Spa


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