A Birthday In The Park | Rochester, NY

Reynolds Family | Alex Is 1!

Way to go mom and dad, you made it!! You survived the first year! Hehe! Oh I do remember how crazy slow and fast that first year went. It was a test of will but filled your heart in ways you never knew were possible. 

I was there when you said “I do” and have loved watching you on this grand adventure of parenting! You guys are naturals and Alex is the luckiest little boy to have you!! 🙂 The roles of marriage and parenting look pretty amazing on you. Your faces light up when you are all together and your little guy’s smile…forget about it!! 😉

How fun was it that Alex’s cake came from the same bakery as Lauren and Andrew’s wedding cake?! That was the best! A huge Thank You to all the very talented people at Premier Pastry for the adorable cake! Alex was pretty shy leaving it almost untouched but I have a feeling it was enjoyed to the fullest! 

I love getting to see you guys and can’t wait another opportunity! I hope you enjoy these photos!

All My Love,

Tressa 🙂

If action is your thing, here is a slideshow! 🙂



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