Catrina & Alan

If you are lucky enough to know these two, you’ll understand me when I say how awesome they are and how incredible they are together. I was completely fascinated when we sat in my studio and they began to scratch the surface of their story and how they came to the Eastman School of Music. I am in awe of anyone who plays the piano – I have always been and have passed that same love to my oldest daughter! Hearing the ever changing paths life takes to bring two people together, amazes me. The love these two have for one another shines for all to see and I know it is just the beginning of an amazing life together.

Catrina and Alan each have an incredibly calm and energy about them and the most sincere and genuine personalities that just plain draws you in and makes you excited to be around them. The day I met with them and they told me they wanted me to be their photographer, I felt like I won the lotto. I am over the moon happy I get to be a part of their wedding and get to know them!!! I am counting the days for their wedding! Oh my gosh, yay!!!    


Tressa 🙂 

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