Intimate Lake Ontario Wedding

There must be magic in the air when you play volleyball that makes you fall in love. From the courts of Hot Shots this love adventure began and when Papa proposed Nicole didn’t waste a moment to quickly plan their intimate Lake Ontario wedding.

The breeze was warm and romantic and so was the ambiance at Hedges. I can’t think of a more beautiful setting for a wedding than along the water. Add your closest friends and family and you have the making of an incredible day. I am so lucky to have met these two at a previous wedding a couple of years ago of a family member who I got to see and catch up with – so fun!!!

Nicole looked beautiful and ready for anything in her glittery sneakers and Papa couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. I’m still thinking about your epic first dance with the clouds in the sky and the water as a backdrop. What a moment and an incredible celebration of two wonderful people at the start of their journey. Cheers to you both and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Want to view more, check out their slideshow here!

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