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01 I cannot say how much I loved working with Tressa! From the very first phone call, to meeting her in person, to saying goodbye at the end of the night, she was absolutely nothing but wonderful! We worked with a lot of vendors, and they were all great, but Tressa just went above and beyond our expectations at every step of the way, and always had such a positive and enthusiastic attitude. I know that a good wedding photographer becomes part of the background for the day, so that they can capture every moment as candidly as possible (which Tressa nailed), but I honestly wish that that wasn’t an important part of her job so that I could have spent more time with her. She was adorable, supportive, and efficient (a quality that I really appreciate). Most importantly, our pictures are perfect. They clearly have her artistic style (which I love), but they still captured our wedding perfectly, without making it look like anything but exactly what I remember. Which is good because I don’t remember all of it.

Brides- you’ve probably heard it before- you can’t skip on photography. You will be on sensory and emotional overload that day, and you can’t possibly remember every detail, not to mention all of the things that happen when you’re not looking. Good wedding pictures bring it all back to you… great wedding pictures give you goosebumps when you see them. And that’s what Tressa delivers.   – CLAIRE + ALEX

02 These photos are breathtaking & beautiful & hilarious and the quality is amazing. I cannot believe you got them all. You are extremely talented. We are so lucky we found you.  – LINDSEY + TED

03 The first reason my wife and I were drawn to Tressa Marie Photography, was that her images and perspectives just seemed to be slightly different than other photographers’ images. Her shots seemed to just have that little bit of extra “WOW” factor to them. That was only the beginning of our wonderful experiences with Tressa. Every method of contact with her was professional, quick to respond and a pleasure, whether it be via email, phone, or in person. You cannot but help smile when dealing with Tressa! She was very flexible on everything from the engagement session to our actual wedding. I always remember dreading to have family portraits taken over the last decades, but they were a breeze and actually enjoyable at our wedding! There may be plenty of options out there for wedding photographers, but I guarantee that there are not many that will be so fun, outgoing, and humorous all while being professional and working hard to make sure that your special day will be remembered forever! The pictures we received after our wedding were amazing, but the impression Tressa made on us and how she was there to help us through our day, will always be remembered as well.  – LORI + GREGG

04 Tressa is amazing to work with! I have used her for our wedding photos and beyond with maternity shots and for my babies first photo shoot! Her photos always amaze me and am so glad she has captured so many memories in my families lives. I will continue hiring her for all my photo shoot needs and already have her coming to shoot my babies first birthday!   – KATIE + DAVID

05 Wow! You did an UH-MAZING job. We L-O-V-E the photos as does everyone else who sees them!  – CRYSTAL + GREG

06 Tressa was a pleasure to work with and we had so much fun! Even my 5 year old got into it!:-) I would highly recommend!!!  – SNOW FAMILY