Alex is 6 Months!

This sweet family is one of the reasons I love my job. I photographed Lauren & Andrew’s wedding a couple of years ago, I helped them announce they were expecting and now their handsome little guy is 6 months old! He is the perfect combination of the two of them, I mean for real! Lauren, I love your sweet quiet personality. I always have so much fun talking with you and this time around, watching you as a mom just melted my heart. I mean I knew it the moment you said you were expecting you were going to be an amazing mother, but watching you with Alex…I need to stop before I get all emotional! What a ride, this life we live and to say I’m honored to be invited along just sounds so vague. I’m speechless really and all I can offer you is my sincerest appreciation, friendship and all my energy to give you the best photographs so you can hang on to these moments forever!

All My Love,


I would love to take the credit for this sweet smile, but I can’t – all the props have to go to super dad whose charm instigated this one!

This little gem needs a small explanation…you see Andrew is an awesome guy, a wonderful husband and a great dad but he’s not fond of being in photos. He realizes how important they are, but that’s where the warm fuzzies end. This image however, is a completely natural photo of a dad enjoying a moment with his son and that small smile on Andrew, well that is pricless!



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