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I’ve been getting lots of questions about albums lately, I’m loving it!! These magical books are the BEST way to display your wedding day images (in my opinion) because it allows you to curate the entire day into a photographic capsule of your amazing experience. 

The album company I have hand selected for these image capsules does an amazing job constructing a book that will stand the test of time and truly be around for you to enjoy with future generations all while being classic and stylish. I cannot think of anything more nostalgic than looking through old photos and reliving moments or imagining what a family member was thinking or feeling in a photo. I am often filled with appreciation that they took the time to have the photos taken and printed! It really is a gift… in fact I’m going to call my mom now and thank her! My girls get the biggest kick out of seeing me as a kid or teenager in the old photo albums when we visit my parents. It never gets old. 

These books are an investment and if there is room in your budget for this amazing product, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. I know you will never regret having them and you will truly cherish them.

The books themselves are available in different sizes and lots of cover colors/textures/materials for you to choose from.  All albums include 20 pages as a standard which holds about 45-60 images depending on the design. I always have album samples available to see and swatches for all the cover options for you to be able to see and touch. 

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The design process. This usually goes one of two ways, the first being a couple will select about 75 – 100 images from their gallery and from there I’ll curate the best of those images into a design. The second most common process is the couple will select around 20 of their favorite images and I’ll select images that complement those and begin the design. We’ll have a conversation on the cap of pages you want to purchase and then once I’ve finished the design process I’ll send you a link to a gallery where you can view the design, page by page and have the chance to review and request changes if needed. Once you are completely in love, you’ll give the go ahead and off to the printer it goes. A few weeks later the most amazing gift shows up on your doorstep and lots of tears and laughter as you get to hold your very own images in your hands, reliving all the beautiful memories with every turn of the page.

The entire process takes about 6-8 weeks depending on the amount of changes to the design and I would recommend selecting your images within 3-6 months after your wedding. It’s nice to take a breath after all the planning and excitement but often if you wait longer… it turns into a year or two as life can get pretty hectic. 

I hope this gives you an idea of the entire process and timeline. It’s a fun project and together, I know we can create something amazing! If you have any questions please reach out to me – I’m here to help every step of the way! 

XOXO, Tressa

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